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[10周年Special] Santa Gerturdis - Ecuador 100g



LOT: Santa Gerturdis PRODUCER : José Eguiguren REGION : Malacatos, Loja COUNTRY : Ecuador VARIETY: Typica Mejorado PROCESS : Supernatural ALTITUDE : 1600-1700 masl スイッチコーヒー開業10周年のスペシャルロットはエクアドルから! ミックスベリージャムや青リンゴ、ライム、フィグなど溌剌としたジューシーな果実感、キャラメルやメープルシロップの甘さ。スーパーナチュラルプロセス!とのことですが、発酵感はなくとてもクリーンな味わいです! ---------インポーター資料より--------------- Supernaturals are developed using a combination of techniques related to fermentation and drying. Most lots utilise two or more of these techniques - Increasing temperature to speed up fermentation rates - Decreasing temperature to lengthen fermentation times - Thick-stack drying at various depths on raised beds - Shade drying to slow down drying times at different levels of moisture in the cherries - Covering or wrapping the cherries to retain heat and moisture for short bursts of time By adjusting the way we process coffee, we can discover new expressions from the same varieties and regions that we think we know. This happens when we can work with the natural state of the cherries in each origin, and then choose processing methods and techniques that will most enhance its characteristics. To find our enhanced flavour, sweetness and body, we develop natural coffees that go beyond expectations… Super-naturals.